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AIDS Care Fund is an affiliate of Worldwide Affiliated Ministries, which provides personnel and management services free of charge. Because of this affiliation, ACF’s overhead was kept to a low 1.5% last year.

AIDS Care Fund is a member of Christian Service Charities in the Combined Federal Campaign, number 10980.

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Our address 6549 Mission Gorge Road #204, San Diego, CA 92120
Phone 626.233.7716
Touchstones of Faith
We believe that God is love—unconditional, unfathomable, eternally reconciling love, the source of all life and wholeness.           
We believe that the Bible is the redemptive story of God’s love for mankind—divinely inspired and fully trustworthy as our guide when properly interpreted, understood, and applied.
We believe that Jesus is the perfect expression of God’s love—revealing divine grace, mercy, forgiveness, and justice. Jesus also exemplifies the way God desires for each of us to live.
We believe that God’s love dwells among us, within us, and through us by the power of the Holy Spirit—revitalizing and empowering, helping each of us achieve our full potential as children of God.                           
We believe that we are all on a search for the truth of God which sets us free. Everyone has their own unique life-journey to experience through God’s love and grace.
We believe that our mission in life is to love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength, and to love our neighbors as we love ourselves.
We believe that God moves us to join together in communities practicing faith, hope, and love. God desires for us to live in spiritual unity, making the church a place of inclusiveness, welcoming and celebrating all of God’s people.

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